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As the development of The Australian 2WD Rally Master series hasn't progressed to what we initially envisaged, coupled with the increased pressure of business commitments for both Steve & Murray, it is with great regret that we have to announce the series will no longer be running.

We would like to thank our competitors, sponsors and rally organisers and officials for their support over the last 4 years in particular AMSAG, Michael Bannon and Scott Keys.

We would like to wish you all the very best in your future rally endeavours.

Steve, Murray and Annette








Welcome to The Australian 2WD Rally Master Series, the aim of which is to promote affordable, sustainable and competitive rallying in Australia. We have perceived the need to create a competition where the emphasis is on driver ability, with car modifications that are of a practical nature and more affordable for competitors.





Claude Murray/Matt James     2012 Australian 2WD Rally Master



"It's not about old drivers in old cars, it's about ALL drivers in ALL cars, as long as they are 2WD"


The Australian 2WD Rally Master Series is not about old drivers in old cars, it's about ALL drivers in ALL cars as long as they are 2WD. The events for 2011 will be conducted in conjunction with existing rallies in the eastern states of Australia and will not be run as 'stand alone events'. The basic structure will be four events, with three to count towards you being...

The 2013 Australian 2WD Rally Master.

To be eligible to score points towards The Australian 2WD Rally Master, entrants must comply with The Australian 2WD Rally Series Specifications and the normal safety specifications of the host event.

The Australian 2WD Rally Master  is not about creating profits, we have perceived the need to positively harness existing rally energy and direct it towards a more substainable competition for Australia.



           Bill Brown/Aaron Topliff  2nd 2012 Australian 2WD Rally Master